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HSM Connect 2.0

(A career-led motive with a vision to get students and parents informed about career insights)

Since day one, High School Moms has been dedicatedly supporting the students who envision a bright and fulfilling career for themselves. In the same sphere, we have been educating parents on how flexibly they need to listen to their children and help them curate a career where their support acts as a backbone of their child’s dreams. With our every move dedicated to the fulfilment of the purpose, we recently closed the successful virtual university and career counselling fair: HSM Connect 2.0, and more than the numbers what has overwhelmed us more is the fact that our initiative could make an empowering difference.

About the Event

HSM Connect 2.0 was conducted on the Zoom platform, and divided into four sessions. The sessions were scheduled for two consecutive weekends keeping in mind the adjustability of the students who are occupied in school during weekdays. The sessions were held on 30th July 31st July 6th August and 7th August. It was a 2.5-hour session (each) where multiple career-led activities happened virtually. Never did we think that something like this on a virtual platform could be as exciting and happening as this, but we are glad, we made it possible. A total of 23 universities and academic institutions participated across the four sessions.

The first 30 minutes of all the sessions were taken up by the coolest and most understanding mentor and career coach, Mr. Abhishek Gupta (Founder and CEO, High School Moms), and indeed his experience and expertise have made him Asia’s leading career counsellor. In the given timeframe, he talked about building a happy career that included subjects like university selection, accepting life, and shining wherever you are or will be!

When he talks, even deaf ears listen.

The next 15 minutes were dedicated to university introduction where every university briefed about them.

In the next minute, we opened breakout rooms for every university where we gave the freedom to every attendee (students and parents) to talk about academic, career, and course opportunities the universities offer.


A total of 23 national and international universities and academic institutions were on-board for the virtual student engagement we organized. The participant universities were as follows:

· Huron University, Western Canada

· Wesleyan College

· University College Cork

· Trinity College Dublin

· Amity University

· Burgundy School of Business

· Carleton University

· College of Central Florida

· EHL (Hospitality Business School)

· FLAME University

· Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

· Hong Kong Baptist University

· Illinois Institute of Technology

· Jacobs University Bremen

· Krea University

· School of Visual Arts

· SHL (Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern)

· Swiss Education Group

· Pearson Test of English (PTE)

· The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

· The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

· Genius Zen

· School of Culinary Arts

The four sessions had the following number of attendees (Students and Parents)

Session 1: 525

Session 2: 668

Session 3: 698

Session 4: 678

A glimpse of beautiful messages received from attendees:

So insightful and amazing!!! Thank you!!!

- Navya Sheth (Student, HSM Student GIDE Club member)

Appreciate HSM team efforts. I mean what else can a kid ask for when all information and direct contact with progressive universities around the globe is available on the platform.

-Sayali Bagi- Tembe (Attendee)


We summed up HSM Connect 2.0 on 7th August with our successful finale session. We had a blast in the four sessions conducted over the span of 14 days where we managed to roll a milestone by engaging such a huge number of parents, students, and universities.

We hope to have contributed towards something valuable for all students aspiring to build a successful career for themselves.

We are coming up with HSM Tour which is an in-person event happening in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Gurgaon. Abhishek Gupta along with 20+ universities is coming to your city to guide you towards a prosperous career, and inform you on matters of Scholarships, profile-building, and university course selection. To register, follow the links below:

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