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By-Mihika Mukherjee

The hollow of fear beneath my belief

The pale jagged line haunting my dreams

What would I give for a moment’s reprieve?

What would I receive if not my sanity?

Looking into the mirror

I trace my scars

Such beauty in tragedy

My heart beats fast

Memories unravel of grief and love

These scars are my past, my pride, and forever mine…

Our Minds, Our Rights

`Making Mental Health a priority’

The unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic have made us understand how critical it is to take cognizance of our day-to-day mental issues. Our previously stigmatized perception of unbridled mental health problems including depression and anxiety has evolved immensely for the better. However, we still have a long walk ahead of us. Mental Health can greatly affect our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. One in eight people globally live with mental health conditions that can impact their livelihood and social status. Mental scars are just as painful, if not more than physical injuries. Anything holding you back is not worth it.

Making yourself a priority with chaos in the head is challenging, but aren’t we all amazing at slaying absurd situations? Letting circumstances control your performance makes no sense. Your abilities need a polish, your career needs a ladder, and your well-being needs a break from everything. Good health bears a good mind which brings out the best version of us.

Ways to show love to our Mind:

Mental Health starts with pursuing productive pleasures that bring joy to our lives. Don’t discredit how much light a teaspoon of joy can bring to your sense of self, and how it radiates into everything we do.

When life seems to spin like a top, we often shut ourselves inside a room till things appear normal. However such escape routes are not recommended by mental health experts.

Wanna sneak a peak into your guide to inner peace?

  1. Take a journal and note down how your days are and what you feel. Examine your thoughts after a week or even a month. Soon you can identify your mood triggers and better prepare yourself. Happiness and pain are two sides of the same coin. Find the ‘Good’ in every situation.

  2. Get out of closed walls. A walk to the nearest park or spending time enjoying sunrise and sunset will help you relax. Plan a hike, go on adventures, and explore activities that get you back to your happy self.

  3. Ever tried yoga or meditation? It sure works.

Every person’s mind is wonderful, complex, and unique. But our rights are the same. So, let us hold hands together and share our feelings with the world.

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