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About HSM

We live in a broken education system – one that hasn’t changed in over 100 years. For years, we’ve been told that the only way to get ahead is to excel at education, rather excel at grades, scores, and exams. There was a time when 80% was great, now it seems even 95% doesn’t get you anywhere.

To discuss this, we got together with a group of like-minded moms to create a better tomorrow for their children. Through innumerable coffees and lunches not only did we realise that hundreds of thousands of moms are in the same boat but also came up with an idea to create a platform to empower moms of high school students. This gave birth to High School Moms, a community of parents with the aim of promoting knowledge and welfare for moms of teenagers.

Who are we?

High School Moms is India’s leading parent community which empowers parents to guide their children in choosing a rewarding and fulfilling career. Through open ideas, storytelling, and meaningful connection, the HSM revolution comes to life. High School Moms promotes learning from each other, informing, engaging, and inspiring parents and children for a better future. Presently we are a community with a reach to over 6 million parents and students, 500+ educators, 300+ school counsellors, and 300+ universities. 


‘Equipping young minds with the skills of life while CAARVEing (Collaborate to Acquire Authentic, Real & Reliable information with a Vision to Excel) the distance between their dreams and reality; be instrumental in the relentless search in bringing together like-minded moms as the future architects of impressionable young minds. We believe they can do it; we believe they deserve it; we believe they will get it.’  


To come together as a community of like –minded mothers/parents, school leaders, educators, students & counsellors and partner with each other to build a life-long learning community, where each is encouraged to realize their highest potential and be the best they can be, in an environment diverse, connected and whole, that inspires everyone to learn collaboratively with and from each other and the world around, taking active, responsible and joyous ownership of their lives and legacies, facing challenges with imagination and integrity, and pursuing excellence with passion, purpose and persistence.

Our Philosophy & Values


‘’ You make your own luck. I never control you it is you who must realize this’’

Swayambhu (स्वयम्भू) is a Sanskrit word that means "self-manifested", "self-existing", or "that is created by its own accord". ... The word etymology of swayambhu is 'Svayam' (स्वयम्) which means 'self' or 'on its own' and 'bhu' (भू) which means 'to take birth' or 'arising'.

 When brought together reflects; ‘I Can.’ For us at High School Moms, it is our deep identification with and foundational reverence for this belief embedded within the very heart of a ‘Swayambhu’ that cradles the philosophical seed of our institution and underpins our allegiance to lead out of ignorance into knowledge, out of inability into competence with the help of a collaborative approach paradigm.

Success can be achieved only when ALL minds are enabled and propelled to a successful life.

The more closely we nurture this identity, the more clearly, we can hear the reverberating VOICE of the ‘Swayambhu Way,’ speaking and sharing the Values of Ownership, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence that stem from it. 

For us at High School Moms, it is this VOICE of the SWAYAMBHU WAY that guides and directs us, helping us translate the ambitious notes of our vision into the practicing tenets of a mission and culture.


The integrated unity of ‘I Am & I Can’ embedded in ‘Swayambhu Way’ reminds us that even as distinct individuals, our identities are not limited by our physical beings; rather, they are intimately connected to and shaped by the values, cultures and traditions of each of the different communities that we are a part of- our families, school, country, the global community and nature.

As opportunity providers, counsellors who value integrity and wholeness then, it becomes incumbent upon us to evolve a culture that willingly accepts responsibility and accountability and encourage the community of ‘like minded Moms’ to encourage students to take mindful Ownership of the impact that their choices and actions have in shaping their future connected with the vast world around them.

Legendarily revered for its mystical ability to move the world from outdated belief to seeking truth, the powerful ‘Swayambhu Way’ is also a gentle and encouraging reminder that a true or complete education must encourage an experience of life – wide, deep and connected, so that we may get the opportunity to nurture the fine discrimination or viveka required to distinguish all that is valuable and true from all that is untrue and false.

At High School Moms, the logo of a woman as a mother; is the first educator and lifelong educator of the child, - Pencil; is sign of literacy/education, Eraser on the Pencil; is a symbol that nothing in world is permanent and written in stone, everyone should get the opportunity to start afresh and convert their previous unsuccessful attempts into success stories. Three assorted colors in the logo means that there is no ‘one solution fits all’ approach in career counseling; The logo Inspires us to make the development of integrity rooted in such fine discrimination and the capacity for both critical thinking and high moral character, an all-surmounting aim.

The legend is replete with stories of the Swayambhu’s mythical abilities that evokes awe.

The chant of ‘I Can’ reverberates in the wholeness of single identity. We can all achieve goals faster and higher by working with the ‘whole’ within each one of us. This manifests in the collaboration that High School Moms has with educators, students, school leaders and above all the mothers.

 There is an ever-inspiring re-iteration of the sheer joy and power of community – people who share a common direction and work together can achieve goals greater and higher than if they had worked alone.

For us at High School Moms, it is the distinctive and deep resonance of this VOICE of Collaboration that inspires our learning culture. We encourage the community of like-minded Moms to involve the budding youth in learning by sharing strengths and seeking support with and from each other rather than by trying to defeat each other. We are sensitive to individual needs and differences. 


The philosophy of ‘Swayambhu Way;’ the self-manifesting journey encourages our young adults to continually seek deeper, higher, and more luminous horizons. Originating from our foundational commitment to the spirit of creating oneself as we desire. Gently reminding us that we are each part of a larger whole it challenges to reimagine the limits of perceived potential and foster faith in the possibility of growing and augmenting the same.

For us at High School Moms, we empower and enable the community of like-minded mothers to inspire enduring inspiration that nurture grit and persistence and continually encourage the young minds to never give up in their own journey towards the sun, both within and without.
High School Moms believes; every career will make you come across many hurdles and obstacles, but if you are steadfast with your decision then nothing can come in your way to stop you from achieving it.

Hence, it is imperative that we help in making decisions that are not influenced by external factors. The secret towards a fulfilling future is to have the courage to be yourself and pursue your passion.

Our Ideology
Advisory Board
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Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat
The Scindia School, Gwalior

Aditi Misra.png

Ms. Aditi Misra
Director- Principal

Delhi Public School, Gurgaon

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Lt. Col A Sekhar

Soldier, Educationalist, Mentor

Management Team
Abhishek Gupta.jpg

Abhishek Gupta

Abhishek Gupta is an Alumnus of University of California, Los Angeles, USA. As an independent Career Counselor, he has counseled over 30,000 students and conducted over 500 Career Workshops, nationally and internationally. He is the recipient of prestigious Times Education Icon Award (2019) and Golden Star of Education Award (2018). He is the founder of India's Maiden Parent Community Driven Education Movement – High School Moms (HSM). He has also founded International Alliance of Counselors & Educators (INACE) – a professional network of 1500+ School Principals, Counselors and University Representatives from across the world.

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Sagar Siddhanti


Sagar Siddhanti is a multilingual executive with over a decade of experience in the field of Medicine, FMCG and Education. He completed high school education in Japan and is proficient in
Japanese, German, and English language. He currently leads the outreach of High School Moms & INACE Revolution. As a Co-Chair, his responsibility includes spreading the movement across the globe.

‘’Education is not a preparation for life; Education, is life itself’ It is the recognition of this imperative and the role of a ‘mom’ as the ‘eternal guru’ from time immemorial that human kind has witnessed, ‘mother’ being the utmost superlative, which has inspired the team of High School Mom’s to bring together a platform with the help of all the Mom’s to help students make a smooth transition on a successful future career path. 
In a world that hurtles towards change at every known level, the educating of a child in its real sense becomes a sacred task. Research suggests that post-secondary planning is important for students to understand and discuss as it prepares them for life after they finish high school.

At High School Mom’s, we believe that with the passage of time, each relation has added its own flavor in catering to the needs of children. But when we speak of an amalgamation of all relationships, it comes out in the guise of a ‘Mom’- a friend, philosopher, mentor, and guide along with being a nurturer and caregiver. A true, whole, or meaningful education cannot merely be limited to the often narrow and linear schooling process of acquiring knowledge and skills required to prepare one for life. For us, it must be a deeper, more open, and organic process of living and engaging with life; of experiencing its uniqueness and diversity; of being moved by beauty; of asking thought-provoking questions; of the search for answers and the fearless urge to bring about change when required.

While academic excellence is necessary, a complete education should include more than and beyond that. Surely, it should be a process in which the teacher, parent, counsellors and the taught, come together to explore not only the outer world, but also their own inner worlds, in which a growing awareness enables the gradual blurring of all hard divides between the four: to kindle a creative and comforting consonance. For it is only then that we may each learn to live with integrity and take active and responsible ownership of our choices and actions.

Providing our youth with an education of such meaning and value however implies that we must rise to the challenge of designing for them a truly holistic and experiential learning which extends beyond the classrooms and prepares future ready youth who take decisions after having explored all possibilities and opportunities available around. High School Moms believes in equal opportunities for all and comes together as a community to facilitate the decision making in the young adults today. 

We pioneer the warm, open, and inviting space of a community collaboration with eternal care givers; the like–minded Moms

A Platform where:
•    aspiring young minds are encouraged to grow without fear by building relationships of strength and support,
•    the home, school and community environments are closely knit together to help the youth feel safe, special, and secure,
•    A team works not alone, but reaches out to connect educators with parents & student,
•    open doors bring learning and growing opportunities that are varied and rich,
•    learning never ends and each living moment is an exciting opportunity to gain experience.

High School Moms brings together a unique boutique of counselling & mentoring approach aiding students choose the right courses abroad based on their skills, empowering them to build a career creating next generation world-leaders & innovators