Tailored Solutions

Why choose India?

  • Large and Growing Student Population
  • Indian Students have strong Academic Foundations
  • India is the fastest growing Economy in the world
  • High Aspirations for International Education
  • Indians spend $US 80 Billion onoverseas education
  • Rapidly growing middle class

Market Entry

At High School Moms, we help globally ambitious universities enter, explore, and expand in India and beyond.

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Analyzing the educational landscape

We provide detailed analysis of the market to understand current trends and dynamics.

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Understanding student demographics

We offer insights into the demographics to help tailor your approach.

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Identifying growth opportunities

We identify key opportunities for expansion and growth.

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Providing insights into the regulatory environment

We ensure you are informed about local regulations and compliance requirements.

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Conducting competitive analysis and demand trends

We analyze competitors and market demand to position you strategically.

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Strategic planning

We provide end-to-end support with long term planning for a successful entry into the Market.

In-Country Representation

Hire and manage a dedicated in-country representative to enhance your university's local presence and student recruitment efforts.

Brand Building

Enhance your institution’s visibility, reputation, and appeal with tailored brand-building services and strategic marketing initiatives.

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Strategic Branding Initiatives

Develop and execute plans to build your brand strategically.

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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Utilize digital platforms to enhance reach and visibility.

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Introduction to Key Stakeholders

Connect with Government bodies to build positive relationships.

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Community Engagement

Engage with local communities to enhance reputation.

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Enhanced Visibility

Increase your institution's visibility among stakeholders.

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Tailored Services

Services tailored to meet international institutions' branding needs.

High School Networking

Leverage HSM's network of 1500+ Indian high schools to build meaningful connections and penetrate the educational landscape effectively.

Student & Parent Engagements

Boost student recruitment with HSM's tailored engagement and interactive webinars.

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Information Sessions

Organize virtual and in-person sessions to detail institution offerings.

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Interactive Webinars

Host engaging webinars for interactive student and parent interactions.

Personalized Counseling

Provide individualized guidance for informed decision-making.

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Showcase institution's faculty and programs through tailored workshops as high value engagement.

Student counseling and Application Support

Enhance student success with HSM's expert counseling and end to support.


Meaghan Blight
Wesleyan College, Georgia, USA
"Thanks to HSM and INACE, our institution has made a remarkable breakthrough in India. Their efforts in launching our brand, connectingus with thought leaders in the industry, and attracting outstanding students to our campus have transformed our academic environment.We are grateful for their partnership and the positive impact it has hadon our institution’s growth and engagement."
Aditi Khurana
International Regional Coordinator - India, Singapore & Middle EastSchool of Visual Arts, NYC
"GIDE is an exceptional platform that enables me to connect and engage with high school students from South Asia. It offers a valuable opportunity to develop our fan page, which allows us to effectively communicate critical information to potential students."