Unifying All Stakeholders within a Single Ecosystem


High School Moms Community

Empowering Parents and Students, Enriching Lives

High School Moms is Asia's largest student and parent community, dedicated to empowering individuals to choose rewarding and fulfilling careers through open ideas, storytelling, meaningful connections, and multiple profile-building engagements. This revolutionary initiative has brought HSM to life, and today, we reach over 23 million students and parents. Our community thrives on fostering an environment where students and parents can explore diverse career paths, gain valuable insights, and build strong profiles. Through our extensive network and resources, we aim to make a lasting impact on the education and career choices of millions, helping them achieve their dreams and aspirations.


International Alliance of Counsellors and Educators

Global Collaboration in Education

The International Alliance of Counsellors and Educators (INACE) is a dynamic networking platform aimed at uniting professionals in the education industry from around the globe. Our mission is to transform educational practices to ensure access and equity for all learners while promoting learning and development among all stakeholders. INACE connects over 5000 educators, partners with 500+ schools, and collaborates with 400+ universities. Through this extensive network, we strive to foster a global community dedicated to improving education and making a meaningful impact on the future of learning.


Teachers of the Future

Cultivating Future Teachers

Our community of over 11,000 school teachers is united in the shared mission of shaping the next generation of learners. We are dedicated to providing educators with the resources and support they need to excel in their roles. Our primary objective is to build new-age skills for teachers, keeping them informed about the latest advancements and programs in their respective fields. Through collaborative learning and professional development opportunities, we empower teachers to integrate innovative teaching methods and technologies into their classrooms. Together, we strive to create a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for success in the modern world.


GIDE student Club

Empowering Growth Through Experience

Learning transcends textbook concepts, thriving on experiences, self-exploration, and discoveries. The GIDE Student Club unites like-minded students with extraordinary interests, offering soft skills training, profile building, and networking opportunities. This empowers students to meet any challenge that comes their way. As the world’s first interschool global club, GIDE is run by students, for students, fostering leadership skills through various activities. This unique platform encourages personal growth, collaboration, and innovation, preparing students to excel in their academic and professional journeys.

By synergizing the vision and mission of HSM and the specialized focus of the INACE and Teachers of the Future community, our "Our Communities" page reflects the rich tapestry of initiatives undertaken by these communities. 

Community Snapshots

Capturing Moments of Connection and Empowerment