Join Us To Enhance Your Outreach Efforts and Connect With The Students and Parents

Inviting Universities for Upcoming Events in 2024


Meet student and parents from across India, Middle East, and South Asia virtually on zoom in your individual zoom room across 2 events.

Saturday - 20thJuly
Sunday- 21st July


B. HSM Tour

Over the last 12 months, HSM has traveled to over 40 cities across India bringing together students and parents through in-person engagements in an endeavor to spread awareness and help students make the most of prospects that the ever-advancing education system has to offer. We invite you to be a part of the upcoming HSM Tour as we gear up to travel across India and introduce you directly to students and parents.

Noida - Sunday, 21th April
Mumbai - Sunday, 11th August
Delhi - Sunday, 25th August
Bengaluru - Sunday, 1st September
Indore - Sunday, 29th September

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