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The education industry is one of the most crucial sectors in the world; however, due to lack of organized activities much of the potential is under-utilized. That is why we have created an exclusive global community where our aim is to bring together counsellors and educators from all corners of the globe to organize, strengthen, and further the education industry. 

Our Vision

To create the most collaborative ecosystem of educators, school counselors, and universities with magnified focus on the holistic development of every single child of our country.

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Our Mission

To bring together the thought leadership of school and university educators on a unified platform to discuss and ideate on most pressing issues faced by our learners' community.

INACE Community
  • 5,000+ Principals, School Counselors, & Educators

  • 350+ Universities

For Universities 
  • Interact with students and parents PAN India across various engagements

  • Network with counselors and educators

  • Engage in thought leadership sessions

  • Participate in professional development workshops throughout the year

At INACE, there is something for everyone!
Incredible Educator
INACE Incredible Educator is a series of workshops designed to promote interaction, learning, and upskilling between Incredible Educators and the entire INACE network of teachers, counselors, principals, educators, and universities. Join us as we bring you more such amazing sessions in 2022.
Incredible Educator

Incredible Educator

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