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A Mentor And A Mentee: Defining The Special Bond

There are some bonds you are born with, and there are others that you create. It would be difficult to conclude which ones are more special, but both of them have their own special significance in different stations of life.

Adolescence is such a crucial phase in a student’s life. They aren’t grown-up adults, but still not kids. There are so many things changing in them ranging from a physical to an emotional perspective.

In the midst of all that, this is also a very crucial phase from a career perspective because they are to make some integral life and career decisions.

This is such a time when they want to discover themselves, get the right advice, and then make their parents understand ‘what and how is it going to be! So, probably students cannot run to their parents, and then they can’t go to their friends either for sensitive, life and career-related advice because they are dealing with the same thing.

This is when the role of a mentor falls into place. For instance, your mentor can be anyone; it can be someone from your family, somebody you happened to meet outside, or someone whom you just banged into and sensed comfort in talking and sharing the various aspects of your life.

How Do You Define The Relationship Between A Mentor And A Mentee?

A mentor is someone who is, kind of, a life veteran, who probably knows a lot of things that you as a mentee are yet to discover.

A mentor has been through life phases, experienced hard and difficult times, rejoiced in happy times very mindfully, and above all learned to respond thoughtfully to various life situations.

As a mentee, you are trying to struggle with your own interests. Especially, if you are a student, sometimes, you don’t like a certain thing, but your mind is forced to like it due to various reasons like peer pressure, family pressure and so much more. You struggle to find your own life choices. You have no idea how life will hit you for your actions to reward you for decisions. Summarising all, that is a state of decisional commotion you are expected to conquer.

While life goes on, a mentor and a mentee happen to find each other. There are things a mentor did in his past life that he wants to warn about to somebody of that age. There is a mentee who wants someone who is connected in no way, and thus, makes way for new connections.

So, How Do We Define The Relationship Between A Mentor and A Mentee?

It’s very special! There is value, love, and understanding, but no commitments in the relationship. You don’t owe each other anything, but yet everything. You cannot talk about everything with everyone, and things you can talk to your mentor, you cannot with anyone else. All of this makes a place for a beautiful relationship, the significance of which is solitary.

If you happen to love this piece of writing, we, the HSM team, request you to find your life’s mentor, and if you already have one, just say a ‘Thank You, that comes directly from your heart!

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