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Fashion Communication as an Emerging Career

Do you think a career in fashion is only about designing garments and business? Do you think fashion about stitching garments? The world in the fashion industry emphasizes way more than just limiting to garment stitching or designing. Do you know how much work goes in one enchanting red-carpet appearance of a celebrity. Besides outfit designing, there is a mammoth amount of work that goes into making a statement. With the expectation level set higher than ever, let us talk about career possibilities and prospects of the fashion industry!

Firstly, fashion is not just about clothing, it has everything to do with the final look from outfit, jewelry, hair, makeup to how you put all of it together. Your looks speak so much about how you carry yourself reflecting a personality that is admired and adored. That is what a great fashion stylist can bring to the table- a true reflection of your great personality!

Educational Qualification

When it comes to Fashion Communication, there is not a specific degree or course that will eventually lead to become a Fashion communication Artist. The idea of the right course is to take up something that will enhance visualization and promote creative thinking.

Job Profiles as a Fashion Communicator

Fashion Journalist

Yes! A career in fashion extends to written and verbal job profiles, and this aspect of the industry is gaining immense popularity in the modern world. Trendy fashion magazines like Harper’ Bazaar, Vouge, and Elle require writers and anchors who take up challenges related to fashion. The scope for fashion journalism is wide and there are several fields to explore.

Fashion Consultant

A fashion consultant is responsible to give fashion advice and help clients co-ordinate colors, style, and accessories with the outfit. They give tailored fashion advice and recommendations that helps selling the brand and merchandise.

Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger is the most trending job profile, especially on social media. A fashion blogger is someone who produces innovative fashion ideas and spreads awareness. It can be through written blogs, videos, or photographs.

Fashion Photographer

If photography is your passion and you love capturing fashion statements, then this is for you! With the right sense of styling and expertise in Photography, you can do a splendid job in the given job profile.

Fashion Magazine Editor

In the robust fashion world, we are living in, fashion magazines have become very common, and that arouses the need for magazine editors. The job profile of a fashion magazine editor would be to communicate fashion through what is being published in the magazines.

Are you passionate about taking up a career in the fashion industry? In the modern world, fashion has a viable existence and a career in the industry can help you bloom in the most effortless manner. If you want to study fashion from internationally acclaimed universities, connect to the HSM team.

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