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5 Hospitality Management Schools Around The Globe

Hospitality Management as a career is globally recognized, but it also faces the trials of finding the best schools in order to pursue the career.

Hospitality as a career gives one the opportunity to travel the world while working, and that makes up for one solid reason why the work is so fascinating.

Besides providing fantastic work opportunities, a hospitality course doesn’t limit your potential to the given sector. The flexibility it provides gives you the chance to explore many different work cultures while trying to find what best suits your interests and personality.

Keeping all that into concern and consideration, let us look at the five best hospitality schools around the world.


With its campuses in Switzerland and Singapore, EHL is a platform for consultation, innovation, and education that caters to the needs of the hospitality sector. From a bachelor’s degree in hospitality to short-term courses and certifications, it has a solution to everything.

With multiple programs, EHL has multiple scholarship options too! They have a course on digital hospitality that teaches digital communication and collaboration. An aspirant can pursue a course in Hospitality business and innovation too. To explore more about what they have for you, visit their website at EHL.ed

Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland

A member of the Swiss Education Group and a specialized center for undergraduate hospitality training, the Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland has two campuses: Lucerne and Le Bouveret. The bachelor's and culinary studies happen in Le Bouveret while chocolate and pastry training is accompanied in Lucerne.

The courses provide specialization in Swiss Pastry and Chocolate Arts, Culinary Arts, and Vegetarian Culinary Arts. Students get the internship opportunity soon after they have finished the two terms out of three as part of their curriculum. Explore more on their website:

Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)

Highly inspired by Swiss traditions, SHMS offers a chain of hospitality courses that emphasize business planning, global developments, and operations leadership. The hotel management programs are funded by companies like Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and Six Senses Hotels & Resorts.

SHMS has been a rank holder for the best hospitality courses and is an accredited member of THE-ICE (Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education). SHMS students get the opportunity to live and learn in a Swiss iconic palace. Visit their website for

Business and Hospitality Management, Switzerland (BHMS)

In collaboration with Robert Gordon University, BHMS has a specially designed BA degree with premium education quality. The best part about pursuing a hospitality course in BHMS is that students get to complete a bachelor’s program in 18 months with an 18-month internship opportunity upon graduation.

The campus is incredible with supermarkets, bars, shops, and everything located nearby and opens 24*7. The curriculum in BHMS is uniquely designed in a way that there are 20 semesters with four mini-terms of 5 weeks each. This facilitates the students to focus on 3 or 4 subjects at a time. Explore more on

The Emirates Academy of Hotel Management (EAHM)

The Emirates, being one of the best hospitality management countries in the world, has set up EAHM in one of its prime locations in Dubai. The location is closely connected to Burj AL Arab Jumeirah Hotel, Sunset Beach, and Madinat Jumeirah. Everything around validates the purpose being served in the institute.

EAHM is the first hotel school in the middle -east that ranks in the top 10 all over the globe. The multicultural student body, triple accreditation, and Boutique size school further add on to the worthiness. Visit their website for more:

These were the five best hospitality schools around the globe. We know that there are a lot of Swiss academies, but Switzerland is very famous for the hospitality management it withholds. If you want to get into hospitality management school, connect to the HSM Team, now!

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