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5 Strategies to Cope up with Academic Stress

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Often students feel anxious about approaching examination. They end up worrying about their final scores as they have high expectations from themselves. As a result, they procrastinate a lot and end up mugging up lessons a night before the exam. Do you also go through the same situation?

The following strategies can be used to cope with academic stress.

  • Make a schedule: It is essential to make a to-do list of the pending task. Plan your day hour by hour and keep a deadline. With the schedule in hand, it is easy to complete the work on time.

  • Stay focused on the present work: Staying focused on the work to be completed is very important. When you observe, your attention is drifted towards plans or past work, refocus yourself to the present task.

  • Accept your mistakes: When you commit any mistake, acknowledge it, and take responsibility for the same. If you aren’t able to complete any assignment or project on time, accept it, and take the required action to mend it. It will encourage you to be more prepared the next time.

  • Reward yourself: Whenever you complete a task, reward yourself with the things you like to eat or do. This will encourage you to finish your task on time. For example, when you complete one chapter of any textbook, reward yourself with ice cream or chocolate. After all, self-motivation is the best way.

  • Ask for help if needed:  Talk to your teacher, counsellors, parents, or friends, when you feel that you are not able to cope up with the academic stress. Everyone is there to help you. Your friends are a text away; so are your teachers and counsellors.

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, appropriate guidance from the parents is also required as they know their ward’s capabilities in a particular field and thus can guide them to compete and shine according to his/her potential. Being superior in learning is not the only criteria for excellence in life; therefore, more involvement of parents in child-rearing and increased emphasis on nourishing diet is important.

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