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4 Tips to Build a Winning Student Profile

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

There has been an increase in the number of students who wish to study abroad. Also, gaining admission to universities abroad is now more competitive as thousands of students apply each year and there are extremely limited seats. 

What makes you unique is the profile that you want to present in front of the university recruiter. Every student must evaluate themselves and their profile before they apply for any university because it increases the probability of students getting accepted. 

As you move forward, make sure you follow these tips to build an impressive and unique profile:

1. Mention your most strong points in your profile: 

Remember that many other students are going to apply, so you better mention every important point. To stand out and to sound equally aware, mention your skills, what you have achieved, what is different that you have learned than other applicants and all these should showcase your uniqueness. 

You should jot down your strengths that will contribute toward the program that you plan to take up. Make sure you highlight these in your profile. Always mention the certificates and awards you have received to make it more appealing. 

2. Mention a powerful resume:

A resume plays an important role in your profile. Make sure you have updated it properly. Use short sentences and do a thorough spell-check as the university committee goes through thousands of applications on a daily basis. 

While mentioning your academic qualifications, do not forget to mention all your extracurricular participation, sports participation, and any kind of social services you have indulged into. These activities make an impressive resume that would look positive to the committee who is reviewing your application. 

3. Make an engaging and attractive statement of purpose:

The statement of purpose gives you an upper hand that the university would want to know why you are passionate about the program you plan to pursue. 

Mention why you chose the university among all the other options. Let them know how dedicatedly you want to be a part of the university and can contribute to the betterment of that institution. This can be a tricky task, so always seek help and support from your teachers or a foreign education professional. 

4. Do not forget your letter of recommendation:

The letter of recommendation is equally important and plays a vital role in your college applications. You need to refer to the strengths that you jotted down earlier and look for people who can be requested to provide a letter of recommendation that can highlight your achievements and extracurricular activities. These letters can also include other important skills like leadership and discipline. 

The following points above will always help you create a strong and winning student profile that the university committee will review in a positive light. All you need to do is follow these steps and keep a good track on the points, so you do not miss out. If you want to secure your seat at your chosen university, you must start now and plan meticulously in advance. 

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