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Terms & Conditions
  1. Various engagements are organized by High School Moms (HSM) and/or International Alliance of Counselors and Educators (INACE), for students, parents, and educators which do not endorse the programs, products, or services of the participating individuals/universities/institutions/organizations (participants).

  2. HSM-INACE reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to accept or refuse proposals for association on one or multiple engagements (virtual or in-person) presented by any participant and may or may not choose to provide justification for its decisions.

  3. The participant agrees to pay all fees, charges, and/or other expenses as per the services availed from HSM-INACE as 100% advance and if the said fees, charges, and/or other expenses are not received by HSM-INACE at latest 10 days before the scheduled engagement, HSM-INACE reserves the right to terminate invite to the said engagement (virtual or in-person).

  4. Under any circumstances, the participant, upon providing written confirmation of participation in any engagement (virtual or in-person) shall be liable to pay 100% of the fees, charges, and/or other expenses.

  5. If for any reasons, the participant upon confirmation to an engagement (virtual or in-person) is not present on the day/time of the engagement (virtual or in-person), the participant shall not be entitled to any refund or rescheduling of the activity and must be liable to pay for the engagement (virtual or in-person) in question.

  6. The total fees, charges, and/or other expenses for services availed from HSM-INACE will be non-refundable under any circumstances.

  7. Participants will be provided a Proforma Invoice upon written confirmation of one or multiple engagements (virtual or in-person) to be availed from HSM-INACE and upon successful receipt of full payment the participant will be sent a Tax Invoice for its reference.

  8. HSM-INACE will not provide any compensation, refund or credit nor be liable for any charges, fees or expenses paid or owed directly by the participant to third parties, including but not limited to Internet service providers or Web based meeting providers (e.g. FaceTime, Zoom etc…).

  9. HSM-INACE is permitted, although not obligated, to include the participant’s name as a credit in connection with the image and/or recordings.

  10. HSM-INACE will market any engagement (virtual or in-person) to drive participation but makes no guarantee about the number of participants at the engagement (virtual or in-person).

  11. In consideration of sponsorship of the engagement (virtual or in-person), the participant irrevocably grants to HSM-INACE and its assignees, licensees, and successors the right to use the participant’s collaterals including but not limited to images, logos, and name in all forms and media including but not limited to advertising on social media.

  12. The data of attendees, limited to that of students and parents, generated for the participant from the engagement (virtual or in-person) will be shared with the participant upon successful receipt of payment by HSM-INACE within 10 working days of the completion of the engagement (virtual or in-person). Sharing of the entire data set of attendees, limited to that of students and parents, generated for the engagement (virtual or in-person) in question will be at the sole discretion of HSM-INACE unless otherwise communicated in writing to the participant. HSM-INACE follow GDPR compliance, and the data sharing policies are in compliance with GDPR guidelines.

  13. HSM-INACE may choose to record the engagement (virtual or in-person) and the participant waives the rights to inspect or approve versions of such image, recordings used for publication or the written copy that may be used in connection with the images and/or the recordings.

  14. The participant is not permitted to feature names or advertisements of non-exhibiting manufacturers, distributors, and/or service providers in any display, parent, or subsidiary companies.

  15. Prior to entry to the in-person engagement, people registered for the in-person engagement by HSM-INACE will be requested to produce either their vaccination certificates or a negative RT-PCR report no more than 48 hours old.

  16. Any participant interested in engaging on any of HSM-INACE’s in-person engagements must be fully (double) vaccinated at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the in-person engagement. If the participant has only received one or none doses of the COVID-19 vaccination, a negative RT-PCR test report no more than 48 hours old must be produced in order to gain access to the event.

  17. Should the participant contract COVID-19 or any of its mutant variants before, during, or post the in-person engagement by HSM-INACE, the participant agrees to immediately inform HSM-INACE of the update and agrees to indemnify HSM-INACE and all its affiliates and shall not be entitled to any compensation, monetary or otherwise, from HSM-INACE or its affiliates in any capacity.

  18. During in-person engagements organized by HSM-INACE, participant agrees to comply with thermal scanning at the entry point of the in-person engagement and in-case the thermal scanning is not found to be in the acceptable range 97 F to 99 F, the participant will be asked to wait in an isolated area for up to 30 minutes for a repeat thermal scanning. If upon thermal scanning the second time the participant’s body temperature is discovered to be beyond 99 F, the participant will be required to be socially distant and would not be able to attend the in-person engagement.

  19. Participants must adhere to local policies enforced by law enforcement authorities in the geography in question when engaging in in-person engagements. Participant agrees to indemnify HSM-INACE and its affiliates in case of any non-compliance policies in any way, shape, or form on the participant’s part.

  20. Face masks are mandatory to be worn at all times during in-person engagements.

  21. The participant agrees and acknowledges that HSM-INACE will not be liable for the actions or omissions of its independent suppliers, including but not limited to Internet and Web services technology providers, audio and video suppliers, and HSM-INACE makes no representation or warranty concerning the nature or quality of the services provided by these suppliers.

  22. If HSM-INACE is unable to conduct any engagement (virtual or in-person) due to any cause including but not limited to technology problems or interruptions or any cause beyond its control, the participant hereby acknowledges and agrees that he, she, or it shall not be entitled to a refund but, instead, any or all amounts paid by the participant shall be credited toward a rescheduled or future engagement (virtual or in-person). If HSM-INACE’s engagement (virtual or in-person) is changed or rescheduled by reason of Force Majeure Event, and notice is not feasible, HSM-INACE will use reasonable commercial efforts to the extent not prevented or hindered by Force Majeure Event, to schedule an alternative engagement (virtual or in-person).

  23. Upon confirmation by the participant, should the participant choose the cancel or withdraw its participation up to 20 days before the event, the participant will be liable to pay 100% of the amount. If the participant chooses to cancel before 20 days, the amount paid can be credited to a future engagement (virtual or in-person).

  24. HSM-INACE reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make changes to the engagement (virtual or in-person) schedule, including, but not limited to, dates, cities, and technology used. If any engagement (virtual or in-person) is changed, hindered, prevented, cancelled, or postponed, in whole or in substantial part, because of a Force Majeure Event (defined below), HSM-INACE shall not be in breach of these terms, and all other obligations of the parties shall continue if not similarly affected, including, but not limited to, the terms for cancellation contained in these terms and conditions. A “Force Majeure Event” shall mean any cause beyond the reasonable control of HSM-INACE including, but not limited to, technological error, interruption or failure; Act of God; accident; fire; flood; inclement weather; labor dispute; riot or civil commotion; act of public enemy; war; military action; disease; pandemic; virus; epidemic; governmental, court, regulatory or administrative act; law, regulation or rule; failure of technical facilities; act or threat of terrorism; national day of mourning; emergency announcement or news bulletin; inability to obtain supplies; delays in transportation; or embargo.

  25. In order to maintain a professional atmosphere, prevent copyright infringement, and maintain a code of ethics, HSM-INACE does not permit the videotaping of engagement (virtual or in-person) proceedings without express written permission.

  26. The participant assumes responsibility and agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless HSM-INACE and its affiliates, subsidiaries, members, agents, directors, officers, and employees against any claims or expenses arising out of the association between HSM-INACE and the participation including but not limited to the scope of application, sponsorship, and/or participation in the engagement (virtual or in-person).

  27. In the event that HSM-INACE is forced to seek legal remedy to collect amounts due from the participant, all charges related to the collection of unpaid amounts will become the sole responsibility of the participant. The laws of the state of Gurgaon, Haryana shall govern the validity of the terms and conditions without regard to conflicts of law principles.

  28. In the event that any provision of the terms and conditions or the application of any such provision to either HSM-INACE or the participant is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to any law, the remaining provisions of this agreement will remain in full force and effect.

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