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All Swiss colleges share a drive for quality in educating and research.

All Swiss colleges share a drive for quality in educating and research, bringing about their predictable positioning among the best colleges on the planet. In fact, such a variety of Swiss colleges is positioned among the main 200 colleges worldwide that around half of all students in Switzerland can claim to go to one of those top organizations.

The Swiss higher education landscape involves academic studies at the ten Cantonal Universities and the two Federal Institutes of Technology. What's more, there are seven public and two private Universities of Applied Sciences.

Benefits of studying in Switzerland

Swiss education is world class


You can practice numerous sports


Take advantage of scholarship opportunities


Get lost in a wide multicultural environment


Seize the numerous social and cultural events


No chance of feeling like a foreigner among the Swiss

Swiss Universities Featured on HSM
Study in Switzerland, and you’ll receive an internationally recognized education from some of the top educators and academics in the world.
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