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Your Glass is Half Empty or Half Full?

Gratitude is the most underrated chapter of life. In the midst of trying to be more than what we are, we forget to be grateful for where we are, what we have, and what we can do!

The world is such a mystical place, when you look out of your life’s window, you would always find someone who has more than you, and someone who has less than what you have.

The most prominent truth of life is that ‘You have nothing, yet everything.’ The way in which you look at life speaks endlessly about what values you hold within yourself.

So, What Does Your Glass Being Half Empty or Half Full Mean?

So, imagine there is this half-a glass of water you have. And, further, there’s no immediate scope to fill it completely. How would you look at the half-filled glass of water?

There are two mindsets: One that will want you to somehow fill the glass of water because half a glass is just not enough! The other would happily look at the half-filled glass of water being immensely grateful that in times of unavailability, the glass is half-filled.

How you have been reacting on the outside is a reflection of how you've been feeling on the inside. Just making peace with life and having the feeling of contentment within one’s own heart can solve so many life problems.

But, Does Gratitude Mean To Stop Striving?

Feeling obliged for all the blessings you have doesn’t mean life stops happening, and you stop putting in the effort that you are destined to.

You can be grateful for what you have and still work towards making it better for you.

Gratitude is simplistically a feeling of being thankful for being able to do things that you can. A grateful heart is positive, happy, optimistic, and forgiving.

It is not about standing at one station of life and just curiously focusing on where you want to reach. It is more about standing at one station, rejoicing the fact that you made it there, admiring all that you have and can experience being on that station while waiting and striving to reach another.

When the only thing you care about is to make it to the destination, you get none, because Human wants are unlimited, and it never makes it to the destination.

Where you want to end today is from where you would start tomorrow. This is the ineffable cycle we live in.

What Do You Need to Pick From Here?

Your gratitude is for you. Your contentment and least complaints from life will do good for you. More than sympathizing, we all need to empathize and that is from where real gratitude comes.

While your efforts towards your goals are praiseworthy and splendid, you are at a good place in life. Count on your blessings today, and then seek out ways in which you can make a difference in the lives of others, and live well for yourself.

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