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Why pursue Digital Marketing as a career?

Digital marketing as a career is unconventional according to our parents’ generation but is futuristic as per market trends and scope. Digital marketing is a dynamic field which requires creative people with latest knowledge of the market and utilizing the same to promote the business using online medium, social media tools, SEO, PPC etcetera. Reaching out to a wider audience has become easier for the businesses and helping them get better returns. The platform rewards many opportunities to grow and explore. Thus, digital marketing as a career can serve the present day’s needs while enabling one secure a better career placement in an industry which is significantly evolving and growing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Business refers to creating, developing, and promoting a product to generate profits and revenues in any field. The promotion part, in business terminology, is called Marketing. To be able to sell a product to the respective audience and customers is not only a challenge, but it also requires lots of planning, strategy, and implementation. The demands of the market along with the trends needs to be analyzed properly. All this was done manually in an offline mode in the traditional setting. The traditional approach towards marketing has shifted from being manual to now being digital. The modern mode of marketing where digital and online mode is used, is what we call Digital Marketing. The selling of a product or service is one of the main components of any business plan, because that’s what generate revenue and help in diversification and growth of the company.

When elucidated well, ‘Digital Marketing is the practice of creating awareness, publishing advertisement and deliverance of related services via the internet channels such as social media, websites, search engines, E-mails and everything that uses digital methods for implementation of ideas.’

Career Scope and Job Opportunities

A career in Digital Marketing highly reciprocates to job opportunities in this field. The growing popularity and crowd in the digital space has also paved way for growing needs of the Digital Marketing industry. Every other company would require digital experts to assist their marketing and promotion plans. Digital Marketing firms are and would become more popular in the coming years which will directly open the doors for new opportunities in this industry.

Conclusive of everything, job and career scope in Digital Marketing is predicated to be higher in the coming generation looking at the growing significance in the present timing. The various job profiles in Digital Marketing includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert, PPC expert, Web and android developer, and Content and Copywriting, Mobile marketing specialist, Search Engine marketing specialist, Interactive technology, E-mail marketing expert, Business and Marketing Strategist, and Data Analyst and Coder.

Skills required in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. To keep up with the market trends, living up to the expectations of the existing customers, and identifying the demands and preferences of the customers, and fulfilling the same, Digital Marketing as an industry need people with creativity and high-end delivery approach. Some basic skills can help you enter and grow in this field. There are various skills which would prove advantageous for anyone working in the Digital Marketing.

Creativity and Passion: Since this is an ever-changing field, anyone with creativity and passion for being updated and keeping up with the trends would do well.

Managerial skills: The Digital Marketing involves strategizing on different levels, from making social media plan, to creating content to designing the creatives, thus giving an opportunity for content writers, graphic designers, video editors, and social media managers to showcase their talent and have a successful career.

Data and Coding: It is important to study and analyze the market, and Coding is something you like to do, then Digital Marketing has a lot of scope for Data Analysts, and Data Scientists to enter this industry.

Multitasker: If managing multiple things simultaneously is your cup of tea, then marketing on various social media platforms and reviewing them for better results would be useful for promotion of the product or service.

Solution-Oriented Approach: The target for any Digital Marketing business is to increase the buyers and audience who will ultimately use the product or service. If you are goal-oriented and possess the quality to smoothly deliver the necessary results, then Digital Marketing is an industry you can work in.

Digital Marketing is a part of Marketing, and many marketing courses have included this in their course curriculum. Marketing institutes such as IIMs and others have incorporated Digital Marketing as part of their syllabus, thus giving a chance to students to specialize in this field. The most interesting part about Digital Marketing is that there is no long-term course one needs to take-up to build a career in this field. When it comes to work in this field, knowledge comes more from work experience and learning from doing.

One can build a well-established career in Digital Marketing in today’s world enabling a well stable professional life that will encircle ample opportunities to learn and grow. For more information regarding admission and courses in Digital Marketing, connect with the HSM team and get your queries sorted.

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