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What is more important to work on: Academics or Skills?

Whether to focus more on academics or on building skills could make up for a debatable topic foreseeing the times that we are living in. Is academics more important than skills, or are skills more powerful than academics? If not a clear answer, let us try and reach a certain level of clarity in the given topic.

From being a high school student to graduate, the phase is very crucial for learning and upskilling. From working on academics to skills, everything happens during this phase of life.

Academic qualification refers to the building of intellectual, sporting, artistic, personal, and social knowledge while being in a classroom. Whether to pursue academics at a later stage is subjective to individual choices, but at a basic level, it stands as an important life need. A basic level of education is the need of every individual.

Skill building, especially for students, is such an important requirement. It is not just the life skill-building that is mandatory to be included in a student's curriculum, but also survival skills that will act as stairs enabling them to climb the journey to success.

With skill-building, students become independent and can fulfill their own needs without relying on others. While building life skills will enable them to create an identity of their own, survival skills will help them join a hostile crowd that acts on their own.

What are life skills and how important are they?

Life skills are those that help create an identity for yourself and stand out from the crowd. These skills help you gain fame and success. Some field skills include:

  • Communication skills

  • Conceptualised thinking

  • Technical skills

  • Creative Skills

  • Management skills

Life skills are integral to building a successful career for oneself. These are basic skills that are important in every industry to outshine through performance.

What are survival skills and how important are they?

As the name suggests, survival skills are essential for modern generation students. As parents, it isn’t plainly important to give your child the right public speaking classes, but also ones that will help them manage their livelihood on their own. Life skills include:

  • Cooking skills

  • Cleaning Skills

  • Money Management Skills

  • Socialising Skills

  • Self-defence Skills

What is more important: Academic or Skill building

A basic understanding of both must be an important part of a student's curriculum. Focusing on academics or skill building has its own set of benefits, and each of them involves one gaining and acquiring knowledge, and that never goes to waste.

However, skill building needs to be given priority while devising an apt curriculum for students. Letting them learn basic life and survival skills is the time needed.

At HSM, we help students build their skill-set while adding to their student profiles. Our students successfully make it to their dream university on national as well as international platforms. Connect to the HSM team for any queries and services, now!

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