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International University Results to be Out NOW and SOON!

Most Universities from the UK have already started to dish out acceptances to the students they deem worthy, if you applied somewhere around end of December most of you would already have received a notification from the University’s end regarding a decision on your application. So, don’t waste your time and log in to your UCAS portal to find out!

Also make sure that your university does not have an interview that you still have to give, or a piece of your portfolio that needs to be given before your offer takes the next step. This goes for students pursuing law as well as any form of arts and design. Do take a moment to enjoy and cherish the moment of your acceptance but, do not waste a lot of time and firm your offer as soon as you are sure you can obtain the grades required by the university!

The decisions for most University of California branches should start dishing out one by one and one might have to wait till the end of February to hear from top Universities such as UC Berkeley as well as UCLA!

With everything said aside, if you did not manage to get into your dream university, you do not need to sit with it and upset yourself about it. Sometimes the best things come to us in a disguise and who knows that your “second” best university may be the best choice you have ever made! Trust me, I am saying that with experience. With that being said, congratulations and best of luck to everyone who is ready to embark on the next challenge of this beautiful game called life. Cheers!

-Aditya Mehta

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