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Importance on Digital and Mental Well-Being

From hanging onto the phone calls and SMSs in the little Nokia Button Cellphone to enabling of video calls in the smartphones, technological developments have come a long way. Technology and digital life have also impacted social, mental, and emotional well-being of the users extensively.

Digital Wellness refers to establishment of a healthy relationship with digital devices in professional and personal life to maintain the balance that is crucial for sustainability in all round health.

Significance of Digital Health and Wellness

The growing popularity of digital devices, and the excessive increase in use have paved the way for health complications such as mental health issues that include behavioral problems. Mitigating the ill effects of technology can bring productivity that is required for a prosperous outcome.

Some exclusive benefits of digital well-being include:

Better Productivity: Digital wellbeing solutions that include avoiding distractions can promote focus and accommodate the much-needed shift in work exhaustion while improving productivity levels.

Better Mental Health: Tech addiction can lead to increased anxiety and stress levels. Excessive use of technology can end up reducing productivity levels. Limiting the use of technology and practicing control can contribute to mental wellness and healthy results.

Steps to Promote Digital and Mental Well-Being

The most ironic part about digital wellbeing is that technology itself can help you stay away from it for uncontrollable number of hours. Besides, own consciousness to do things right, technological settings can further pave the way for digital wellness.

Let us look at a few steps to promote Digital and Mental Wellness

Look Upon Your Digital Habits

Creating and following new habits take time. Adjusting to new ways of living can feel daunting on an initial level. But, with consciousness and sincerity one can change habits over time. The ideal way to create good habits is to take smaller steps. Look at your digital habits and find ways to better your routine. If you have been using digital devices for four hours a day, reduce it to three or three and a half. Once you are comfortable with that, go on to decrease it even further.

Decrease Involvement in the Social Media World

While social media is an incredible platform for networking, excessive indulgence can become harmful. As per research, it has been found that social media has led to mental health problems amongst people who constantly compare themselves to the virtual world. It is important to set your boundaries from the world of social media. Do not compare real life with what is shown on social media.

Use Technology for Digital Well Being

There are technological settings in the digital devices that can contribute immensely to your digital wellbeing. Settings like limiting screen timings, setting an alarm for excessive screen use, switching the display light to an eye friendly mode, and downloading digital wellbeing apps like Digitox, Forest, ActionDash and others can be of great help.

Take Steps to Combat Technological Anxiety

There are various forms of technical anxiety that happens due to excessive digital presence. The situation has worsened over an extent that people have started suffering from panic attacks for reasons like not getting enough number of likes on a particular post. Stop counting the number of likes, talk to people instead of waiting for text or emailers, and turn off the gadgets when you do not need it.

It is important to set your boundaries with digital technology. While digital innovation technologies have revolutionized the life, it is important to understand where we need to refrain from it. Your sleep, exercise, and physical interaction should not compensate for digital needs. Digital and mental health is a concern, especially amongst the younger generation. A good balance between the two worlds is important to ensure overall wellbeing.

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