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Importance of Higher Education

“Let us never be betrayed into saying we have finished our education; because that would mean we had stopped growing.”Julia H. Gulliver

I am sure I am not the only one who loves freedom, the freedom that was deprived of us for almost 12 years, has finally come to an end, the students who were forced to wear the same school uniform for 12 years, can now wear what they wish, style their clothes and enjoy their freedom. But when can the students finally get this freedom? When the student steps into the world of higher school, but focusing only on the fun factor is not sufficient for one to stay motivated to join the higher school, so let me share some more fun factors and important factors as well to let you know the importance of higher school and the degree. So read ahead and learn more reasons why high education is important for your life.

10 reasons why higher education is important:

Stepping out of your comfort zone:

Schools are a child's comfort zone, they know they are in safe hands and are protected. They are being taught and fed in their own comfort zone, but everything eventually comes to an end, and every end is known for the new beginning, a kid might be very comfortable in the zone, but in order to excel and become a well-known person, one needs to step out of their comfort zone. Now the question is “How” the answer to the question is higher school. Higher school is the only place in the world that will teach you how to grow and step out of your comfort zone and excel in life.

Exploring new skills:

Every child has a hidden talent that needs to be extracted out to help the child grow, make your child try different skills be it cooking, skateboarding, or learning an instrument. The world needs more than just good grades; they are looking for individuals who can excel in everything society throws at them.

Dreams turning to reality:

Everyone in their young years has been forced to answer the question; “what do you want to become when you grow up?” Some say doctors; some say teachers and some say, chefs. What was your answer and what are you doing right now to turn that answer into reality? What should be your field of expertise to achieve your dream? The answer comes in college, college is a place where you study only what you want to achieve in life, the education and subjects that will contribute to the achievement are taught.


I am sure there is no better word for a school kid than the word freedom, the moment a kid hears this word, and higher school crosses the mind. So let me begin with the first reason that interests all, college life and school life are entirely different because in college you have the freedom and in school, you don’t. You yourself might not remember for how long you have wanted to bunk that one class in particular but failed because school won’t let you. But once you step into college, there is no one to stop or punish you.

Job satisfaction:

When you grow up, the responsibilities increases as well, in school you had nothing to worry about, but the moment you step into college, work worries starts, future planning starts, what will I become, where will I work, will I join a firm or will I become an entrepreneur, how will I utilize my education and use it for earning money, all these questions crosses one's mind. The education given to a college student works as the crucial part which will help the student land the desired job and with that you will move one step closer to turning your dreams into reality.

Exploring career options:

College is the place where one can choose career options and explore more on other options rather than just focusing on one, if a student comes to a college with a decisive career option, but with the help of extra skills, students can find a better career option where they can excel more gracefully.

See the world:

Today’s generation just wants to earn and travel; they are not interested in settling down and live a boring life, so why not start traveling when you are studying, there are a lot of colleges out there who organize abroad study programs, hence gives an amazing opportunity to students to travel at a young age, explore new cultures, visit countries and enjoy their life.

Everything revolves around happiness:

It is an old phrase but a well-known one “ Do whatever makes you happy” at the end of the day, money and satisfaction come secondary, happiness is something that everyone wishes for and if your education or your job can serve that happiness to you then there is nothing greater than that. So, whatever you wish to proceed within your life, always make sure that it gives you happiness.

Contribute to society:

When you cross the college phase of your life, the most difficult phase starts, that is the ability to use the education taught to you in college and if the education taught to you in college is the reason behind you getting your desired job, then my friend you have achieved more than you can imagine. Getting a job will not only fulfil your wishes but will also contribute to the growth and wellness of society.

Get involved:

The world is full of beautiful places to visit and live, when a student starts going to college, the world reveals itself in the eyes of your child, encouraging your student to get involved in different clubs, attend TED talks, engage in different activities. Everything is not about studying, your child’s life is more than just getting good grades, so try to engage them in co-curriculum activities which will also help them in building a strong profile.

Throughout your school years, you must have this phrase a billion times: “school life is the best life”, but my friend, this phrase is not completely true, you know why? Because life happens in college and that is where you live the most and enjoy the most, so don’t believe the phrase, because life has bigger plans for you in college and it can’t wait for you to reveal them.

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