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How important is it for students to communicate career thoughts and ideas?

Career or profession is a part of life. Till you live, you continue to pursue something that not only earns livelihood, but also continues to define the purpose of your life. Thus, one decision today will become an incredibly significant part of life tomorrow. And that must sum-up the integral need to choose the right career path.

For students on the verge of selecting a course, there are a lot of things going on in mind. There are many questions that they need an answer for. Many factors drive the commotion that is honking in the student’s mind which includes peer-pressure, social pressure, and unclear self-awareness. Beside others, there are many other factors that need a solution.

Talking to someone who is extremely informed and experienced about career decisions is what students should look for prior to deciding and planning for the future. Communicating ideas and networking with people of similar interests will help you make reliable career decisions.

Attend an in-person career counselling university fair

Sitting in a crowd of a set of people with career questions, and a bunch of people with answers to such questions is what we mean with in-person career counselling and university fair. It would provide students a platform where they can meet other students of similar thoughts and interests as theirs. The idea for students to communicate their thoughts, will help them make an informed decision.

A viable choice is the result of the right initiatives taken prior to making one. Career decision is one of life’s most important decisions that cannot be taken for granted. Any random thought cannot lead to one, either. Networking, communicating, and becoming aware are a few elements that go into the making of an informed career decision. When you come and meet other students, their parents, and the best career coach, your mind starts to open, and you can broaden the horizon and expand your perspective towards life and career. It is a very subtle process of rediscovering yourself and all that you have been holding inside you for long. As a student aiming to build a fulfilling career, an opportunity as such cannot be missed out. Thus, attending an in-person career counselling event should be your target before you end up making a career choice for yourself.

We are coming up with HSM Tour which is an in-person event happening in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Gurgaon. Abhishek Gupta along with 20+ universities is coming to your city to guide you towards a prosperous career, inform you on subjects of Scholarships, profile-building, university course and selection. To register, follow the links below:





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