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Emerging Careers in Psychology

With passing years and growing awareness on several different career plans, psychology has become one of the popular career options. As a career, it is growing at an unprecedent rate with plentiful job options.

Looking at the increasing popularity of the course, we have curated a list of career plans that are expected to grow at more pace in comparison to other professions in psychology. Here is a list of few emerging career is psychology.

School Psychologist

Due to revolutionizing education system that is prioritizing students' mental health, school psychologists have become a fundamental part of the system. A school psychologist can work for elementary, middle, and high-school students enabling them to flourish in mental, emotional as well as academic life. The demand for school psychologist is significantly increasing as there are numerous openings for the position in various schools. Not just in India, the profession is globally famous and well-paying.

The average salary of a School Psychologist annually is $50,000

Genetic Psychologist

A genetic psychologist is an evolving career that might sound new to many. The role of a genetic counselor primarily ranges to counseling and communicating on matters of genetic disorders to families and couples. On an undergraduate level, a student aspiring to establish a career in genetic counseling must take up subjects like biology, social work, nursing, and public health as the majors. The job would include assisting, advising, guiding, and providing holistic solutions to families prone to specific genetic disorders.

The average salary of a genetic counselor annually is $70,000.

Clinical Psychology

This is the most famous career option in the field of psychology. The employability rate for clinical psychology is higher than the others. The primary job roles of a clinical psychologist include diagnosing and treating individuals, adults as well as adolescents. In the modern world, people have started considering the importance of mental health and are seeking remedial plans to combat mental health challenges. Doing Internships is a very crucial step prior to becoming a psychologist.

The average annual salary of a clinical psychologist is $80,000.

Sports Psychologist

Another emerging career option in the field of psychology, the role of sports psychologist primarily caters to helping athletes improve their mental and physical health while positively impacting their performance in the field. Many sports psychologists work in hospitals, universities and colleges, athletic hubs, and private consultation canters. A doctoral degree is a very crucial requirement prior to becoming a sports psychologist.

The average salary of a genetic counselor annually is $85000.

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychologists work in the civil courts and criminal background. Their major interest is in analyzing and observing behavioral aspects in criminal cases. Forensic psychology combines psychology and law that helps in solving criminal and civil cases and preventing crimes.

The average salary of a Forensic Psychologist is $73,000 annually

These were a few emerging careers in Psychology. Looking at the way people are opening to social and emotional health and taking initiatives to combat challenges in the sphere, a career in the given field can result in better work and pay satisfaction.

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