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6 Reasons Why to Attend an Online Education Fair

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Are you planning to study abroad? But bothered how to make the right decisions, which course, country, or intake to choose from? India’s leading Parent community is here to help you find your best choice. It’s time to stop confusing your mind and instead start putting your mind to work. The education system is still in full swing, things have moved online from traditional ways and so has the educational fair. We are sure, there is nothing to stop you from walking towards your goals, let nothing come in between. So, read ahead and learn more about India’s small-big virtual education fair and know why it is necessary to attend such an amazing online education event.

Here are the 6 reasons why you should attend an online education fair;

Course Advice

University representatives can assist you to understand more about your course preferences. They can also give you a detailed insight into which course can be the best option for you and how you can get benefits from it in your future. Apart from this, universities help you with detailed information about internships, post-study work rights, course structure, right course, and university.

Seamless connection with leading university experts

In a virtual education fair, you get an opportunity to connect with several professionals and universities both national and international. For example, if you are confused about choosing the right course after high school and career options, then you can seek guidance from leading universities on the same platform.

Scholarship Opportunities

Another key advantage of attending a virtual education fair is you get a chance to explore scholarship opportunities directly under the guidance of prestigious universities from around the world. Many parents and high school students struggle with scholarship criteria due to a lack of knowledge. However, by attending an education fair, you can get a free platform to learn and understand all about scholarship programs and many more- all in one place.

Wide Selection of programs

Online education programs enable you to interact with different universities from Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia & the USA. You get a seamless connection with universities to discuss various career options from the comfort of your couch. With multiple career options available, it is very difficult to choose the right career that matches your passion and interests. But, thankfully, an online education fair is here to help you in identifying your career path and the right university.

Get to know about leading alumni

These events allow you to get in touch with students who have already studied abroad. With the help of an online career event, students can gather more information or details about the study criteria, work rights, student life, and many more in different countries.

Expert Career Counselling

Cannot decide which course would be the best fit for you? No worries, at Global Edconnect you will get a chance to interact with 50+ leading universities, where you can gain knowledge on different career options. Begin your journey and fulfill your ambition now!

Time to suit up!

For those wishing to achieve myriad opportunities, virtual education fair offers you to join the event to sow & reap the benefits as early as possible. India’s leading parent community- High School Moms took this initiative to empower, educate, and guide students and their parents to engage with prospective universities and choose the right career path. It's time to suit up for the largest virtual education event of the year- Global EdConnect that will help high school students to make their dream come true.

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