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Decode the power of self-discipline

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

The journey from Standard Ten to the Senior Secondary is an uphill one. The perception of the student however is at a tangent to this fact. As young adults, they view Standard XI as a breather between two Board Examinations; A year in which they can “live their life” and make merry.

Wait! But haven’t they heard of the paradigm shift in education? Or of the “New age” Universities which do not just rely on your Board Grades? What about portfolio building? Summer Schools? Internships? Community Service? Initiating a start-up? Being better than Mr. Sharma’s ward?

Welcome, to the complex and complicated lives of sixteen-year Olds who are looking for acceptance from parents, teachers, peers and of course their dream universities. The only magic potion which can douse the fire of all steep expectations are self-discipline.

“Through self-discipline comes freedom”- Aristotle. It is the “mantra” which helps to establish an authority over one’s actions. It enables an individual to respond mindfully to the demands of life.

The best character trait is self-discipline. The greatest power of self-discipline is to be able to make wise choices. Whether it about eating healthy food, being regular with the academic schedule or exercising daily, it is about understanding that everything is coming from a place of self-love and that is a reason strong enough to be consistent in doing that.

Self-discipline is like yoga; regular practice will empower you to actualize your aspirations. Distractions will act as barriers, however if you can be persistent; I can say with conviction that self –discipline will transform you to be your own alchemist!

For students, self-discipline is an integral quality because that is what makes them stick to the goal and keep striving for success. Following a routine or a structured life pattern should not come from a place of fear, but passion to keep going. There is nothing stronger than a mind committed to make a difference. The ultimate truth is that success is nestled on the base of self-discipline.

Article by

Shraddha Jain

(Academic Co-Ordinator, Grade 11th & 12th, Sushila Birla Girl's School, Kolkata)

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