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CUET 2022: Exam Preparation Guide

With 54 Central Universities involving for Undergraduate admission programs, CUET would most likely become the biggest entrance exam in the entire nation. For students passing out XII board exams this year, there is a tremendous pressure on them to get enrolled for the desired program in one of the best universities. With all that into consideration, the most important discussion amongst students have become “How to prepare well for CUET?”

2022 is going to be the first year for CUET entrance test. Here are some crucial pointers to keep in mind while preparing for CUET exam considering the syllabus, scope and expected difficulty level as per the given parameters.

CUET Syllabus

A thorough understanding of the CUET syllabus is the primary step before developing a schedule. The syllabus includes subject such as:

  • General Knowledge

  • Language Proficiency

  • General Mental Ability

  • Current affairs

  • Quantitative Reasoning (Simple mathematical concept, algebra, geometry, and mensuration)

  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Understanding the syllabus well will enable students distinguish between what to study and what not!

CUET Exam Pattern

The CUET exam pattern will be divided into four sections: Section IA, Section IB, Section II, and Section III-

Section IA - It is language specific section where students will have the option to choose from 13 different languages mentioned in the domain. There would be a total of 40 questions in the section and it would be a reading test for the students. The time duration for the test will be 45 minutes.

Section IB - It is another language specific Section wherein students can choose from 19 languages, but not the one they picked in from section IA. The time duration is 45 minutes. Question type would be based on different types of passages– Factual, Literary, Narrative and Vocabulary in comprehension form.

Section II - It is domain specific where students can choose a maximum of 5 subjects out of available 27 subjects. The test duration is 45 minutes, and the question type is MCQ’s (multiple choice questions).

Section III - It is the General knowledge test where students need to attempt 60 questions out of 75.

Study Schedule

After going through the exam syllabus and understanding the test pattern, it becomes important to draw a timetable that will work right for you.

  • Dedicate a significant amount of time daily for General test preparation

  • Make some time preparing for language test

  • Keep your doubts and concepts clear

  • Refer to standard study material

  • Keep revising what you have learnt

Note: Curating a timetable as per the need is crucial as it helps you to concentrate at one subject at a time.

Practice Sample Papers

This is the first year for CUET exams, and there are no previous year question papers available, which is a genuine concern. However, practicing sample papers floated by NCERT, and the ones recommended by experts can significantly help. It will make the pattern clearer, and solve doubts related to the paper’s structure.

Take it Easy

Last, but not the least, you need to take everything easy. Prepare a routine, set your goals, and be consistent to your preparation timelines. Set a target for yourself and make a point to meet them on the set time. The most important thing is to allocate your time specifically to subjects as per your interest.

“Students must practice as much as possible after completing the syllabus. This will shed light on the clarity of the most frequently asked topics and make them aware of the structure of this entrance exam.”

-Venkat Phanikiran (Chief Academic Officer, Extramarks)

CUET (UG) 2022 is the pilot project by UGC to organize common entrance tests for undergraduate admission. The response from students is overwhelming, however, it is important to see whether NTA can successfully conduct the entrance exam without any hassles. Also, if the technical and academic infrastructure is strong enough to carry on the process smoothly.

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