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Criminology as an Emerging Career

In the list of many emerging careers, criminology is one that has been in the buzz. Many a time, the real commotion and confusion regarding a career are due to incomplete knowledge about it.

Here is when HSM caters to helping students understand the career rightfully to eliminate the chaos that will eventually enable them to make suitable choices.

In this write-up, let us focus on criminology as a career and look at the various aspects of the career plan so as to understand and interpret it right!

What is Criminology?

Criminology is the study of crimes that deal with criminal root causes and understanding them to practice effective crime prevention. It is a branch of social studies, the popularity of which is increasing every day. The topics covered in criminology include psychology, anthropology, and biology.

Criminology covers sociology which is the study of human behavior and psychology that helps understand the human psyche.

What Does a Criminologist Do?

  • Criminologists analyze the crime to think from the criminal’s perspective, but they aren’t bound to solve matters alone.

  • They have a functional role to play in policy-making and prevention of crimes and curtail crimes during the same time.

Jobs Profiles

Course and Degrees

Criminology courses are offered at undergraduate as well as post-graduate levels. The essential admission requirement is to have completed 12th from any recognized board with preferably Arts or Science background.

At the undergrad level, there are many subject combinations offered like criminology with law, criminology with psychology, sociology, and others.

Later, the knowledge of criminology can be applied to various professional fields and specialization courses like victimology (studying victimization), penology (correlation and control of all criminal behaviors), and others.


The salary of a criminologist can vary anywhere between 3 -10 LPA in the basic stage. With skills and expertise, it is exposed to much higher levels of numerical and position growth.


Criminology is a progressive career with many evolving fields that create an impact on society and positive change in our legal system.

It is not one of the ordinary careers, but a creative one. It is not a traditional engineering or medical course, but rather something that is associated with behavioral science. To know more about the course and colleges, connect to the HSM Team now!

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