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All You Need to Know About Non-Conventional Courses

There was a time when turning passion into a career was difficult, though that was not impossible ever! But now when people have started to understand the significance of taking up a career that they would enjoy, the choices they make represent their interest. While careers like medical, engineering, business, and law still carry the same significance, it is time that students need to understand the need to make their own way rather than becoming a part of the flock.

Non-Conventional Courses are ones that do not include in the mainstream academic courses. These courses focus more on specializing skills. To get the best academic experience and exposure, students try preparing in high school days to get into the best national and international universities. The most interesting thing to note is that students are not just preparing for mainstream academic courses like medical and engineering, but equally opting for other courses such as geophysics, game design and marine archeology.

5 Interesting Non-Conventional Courses


The study of map making is called cartography. Gaining the skill set enable one to draw the map or chart of a certain geographical area on a flat surface. Cartography combines scientific and artistic knowledge that also includes the use of satellite and aerial photograph.

Marine Engineering

The study of multiple aspects of ship making such as construction, design, and maintenance of ship and other peripheral ship elements refers to Marine Engineering. The subject of marine engineering involves science and mathematics as core ones.

Game Design and Development

The pace at which the game design and development industry is improving is enough for the enthusiasts to think of pursuing a career in it. The work revolves around Art and Illustration skills with expert technological interests. The starting pay of a game developer is excellent.

International Relations

The specialized course in public policies and international relations is gaining humongous popularity on a global platform. Even Indian students are considering the course. The career options in the course ranges from policy maker, diplomat, or a teacher.


The art and science of brewing the ultra-fine quality wines using multiple materials and techniques from the best quality grapes is oenology. The one who studies oenology goes on to become an oenologist. There are several wineries across the globe, and many more to enter the fray.

Non-Conventional Courses as a Trend

It is true to say that not all born are scientists and doctors. The world needs more than the framework of science and technology. The increasing popularity of these non-mainstream courses have given the confidence to the students to align with their academic choices and make a career decision they would love holding on for life. The youth today is hankering to try something that matches their interest. The colleges and universities are introducing these courses into their curriculum. Students are investing time and resources to study these courses even in international universities.

If you are a student, imagine yourself working into the field that excites you to wake up every morning and get ready for work!

If you are a parent, imagine the satisfaction you would feel when you will see your child being content and happy in their professional life.

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