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A career in graphics, visuals, and Illustrations: What’s the future scope?

Building a career in visuals, art, illustration, and graphics sound interesting and creative. Especially, for those who have a visual sense of alignment and imagination, this career can probably evoke curiosity in them.

Two of the most important things to look for while trying to figure out the best career plan are an individual’s interest and how futuristically powerful the career is!

In this write-up, let us explore a career in graphics and visuals while taking a dig at its future insights.

Graphic and visual designing as a career

For someone who is highly interested in visual designing and creating compelling graphics, the first question in mind is how futuristic is the career.

Graphic designing and creating visuals is a creative job, and keeping in mind the kind of technological and 3D world we are moving towards, the significance of graphics and animation is going to become inevitable.

Building a graphical career is not limited to creating banners. Everything from social media creatives, and physical standees, to videos, films, animation, and VFX fall under graphics and visual designing. In the world we are living, any given task is incomplete without visuals. This is where the career becomes futuristic.

Skills a Graphic Designer Must Possess

Creative Thinking and Imagination

The reason why creative thinking comes first is that it is impossible to create powerful and attractive visuals without creativity. It is a work that prominently comes from a creative nest.

Technological Adaptability

Everything is digitized and so is creating graphics. Graphic designers work on graphic software like Adobe and Illustrator which requires them to have technical skills. Also, there is new software coming every now and then, so one must have the flexibility to keep learning and upgrading the skills.

Strategy Alignment

Graphic designers are also expected to carve strategies prior to designing the work. From market research to bringing brainstormed ideas, there are much more responsibilities a graphic designer is inclined to than just creating visuals. Additionally, the work includes time management, prioritization, and deadline management.

Graphic Designing Courses

There are many graphic designing courses one can pursue. Such courses include:

  • Undergraduate courses

  • Postgraduate courses

  • Doctorate courses

  • Diploma & Certifications

Designing schools that offer costume and jewelry design also include graphic design as part of their curriculum. There are also dedicated graphic institutes that cater to diploma and certification courses.


The average salary of a graphic designer in India is 5 lac per annum. But, in this context, experience matters a lot alongside creative skills. If your creativity level can touch the skies, so can your salary.

Brands pay crores for logo curation and redesigning. So, one really needs to upskill in order to earn handsomely in the field of graphics.


This was a little insight into graphics and visual design. A career in graphics is highly futuristic looking at the needs of the modern world and the direction it is advancing in. If you want to know more about courses, careers, and college, connect to the HSM team, now!

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