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5 Universities in Australia We Recommend

From excellent universities to standard living, there is a plenty reason to pursue higher education in Australia. Thinking of Australia reminds us of the explicit outback bush, koalas, kangaroos, and the clean water and air. Australia is the smallest continent, and a happy one. What makes it preferable for students is the quality life it offers. Thus, many international students find it worthy to get an Australian Bachelor’s degree into their resume. Besides, an enhanced resume, it offers students the wonderful opportunity to learn and grow.

With all that into consideration, let us look at five Australian Universities that we recommend students for their undergraduate study program.

University of Western Australia

With 25,000 plus students that include 4,000 international students, 135,000 plus graduate alumni, the numbers well speak of the reputation the University of Western Australia holds. There are about 22 schools in the campus with classic architecture, colorful and vibrant gardens alongside the best community of people one could ask for. The University emphasizes the lesson of leadership in their course and curriculum aiming to mold their students into next generation leaders.

Australian National University

With 21,000 plus students that include approximately 5000 international students, the Australian National University facilitates research-based exceptional teaching classes in their vitae. The Course and curriculum offer students the opportunity to go for double degrees that is bagged by 3000 academic and professional staff. There are more than 150 educational, cultural, and social clubs' students get enrolled in and explore their hobbies in a better way.

Monash University

With 86000 plus students, and 440,000 plus alumni, the whole community of Monash University work together towards the real change. There are 150 plus active research fields with 4700 above students participating in research to win the challenges the current timings. There are over 97 undergraduate majors and minors the university offers. Trends such as Globalization, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are redefining the courses and curriculum at Monash.

The University of Queensland

With 56000 plus students that include international students from 137 countries and 307,000 plus Notable alumni the University of Queensland is continually fostering the student employability and retention through innovative approaches. Students are free to combine their interests and carve out a dual degree program for themselves in the field of their interest. There are approximately 116 undergraduate programs. The programs come with practical exposure like field trips and industry placements enhance and boost skills.

University of Canberra

With close to 11,000 students and 30000 plus international students, the programs in the University of Canberra aims to improve participation, access, and retention of success. As many as 86,000 alumni are publicly renewed in over 120 countries. The university offers a wide range of courses across multiple disciplines. The University is the leading sports institution with elite sporting team ties. The University integrates education with healthcare that makes the research and education environment much reliable.

Australia is home to many other excellent universities, however, these are a few that we recommend. From global recognition, diversity of education, and technological advancement, Australian University have every honor attached to their badge. For more information regarding admission and courses in the Indian universities, connect with the HSM team.

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