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5 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Public speaking is one of the greatest fears in students’ minds which can make their palms sweat. Do you remember the last time you participated in a public speaking competition, and you didn’t even sleep properly the night before because of the fear of speaking in front of a large audience? Don’t worry you’re not alone, many students have felt what you are feeling. Though, public speaking has a lot to offer from standing confidently on the stage to proving your point to the world and much more.

If you want to attain the power of public speaking and achieve success as a speaker, then you must follow these tips to stay ahead of the crowd-

Learning Objectives:

1. To win over the crowd

2. To motivate yourself

3. Build connections

4. Have the power to change opinions

5. Develop critical thinking skills

6. Improve research skills 

Five  ways to improve your public speaking

1. Plan ahead and prepare: Make sure you are ready with the plan of actions; it will enable you to speak confidently and will encourage your audience to understand your message. Adequate preparation and planning often gives positive results in the flow of your speech which eventually saves your time and reduces your stress.

2. Be passionate: If you want to outshine as a protagonist speaker, it is particularly important to be enthusiastic about your subject matter. For beginners, speaking is not easy, but you can eternally learn to get better at your presentation as you know that “practice makes a man perfect.”  You can speak about something you are passionate about relating the topic with your personal life & experience on a topic of your choice.

3. Let your personality be the talk of town: Your personality represents an indispensable role in getting your audience to listen to your presentation. If you are not interacting, communicating with the public, they will lose interest and your presentation will not be as effective as it could be. Make your personality so vibrant that people pay attention to you and appreciate your presentation.

4. Body language: When you speak, you do not just speak with what you say, you also speak with your body language! From your facial expressions, hand gestures to your eye contact, your body language plays an imperative role. You might have seen renowned speakers on Ted Talks or any other show, how amazingly they engage with the audiences and have the magic of connecting with them.  In simpler words, your audience decodes how you represent yourself, be it moving your hands, smiling face, or nodding your head. You must practice strong gestures to fuel your words in a positive direction.

5. Think Positively: Positive thinking has the ability to make an enormous difference. When you feel positive, you have the power of sending across positive vibes to your audience. It will not only let you feel confident but also determined. It is a way of portraying that you are capable enough to speak and can debate on a particular topic publically.

According to Chris Anderson, curator of the TED conference, the most successful TED talks are delivered by speakers who have a passion for their idea and consequently deliver their talks with emotion and imagination. 

If you are striving to be an impactful speaker you must work hard enough, but passion and purpose will differentiate mediocre speakers from exceptional ones. With enough arduous work and research, your audience will take away something each time to speak. Make a profound impact on others with your courageous words and love the art of speaking.

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