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5 Tips to Build Your Student’s Profile

Having an updated, well-formatted, and legible profile is a mandatory step for all students looking ahead to apply for prestigious universities on a national as well as international level.

For a student focusing on academics and getting involved in extra co-curricular activities are essential steps to enhance the profile and make it look more comprehensive and appealing. Here is a list of few steps students can take to build their profile with efficacy.

Online Courses and Certifications

The internet has opened the doors for students to add that extra stars into their profile without a tedious hunt. There are many high-school programs available online that can help you learn practical lessons. It enables you to upskill besides making the student’s profile more attractive. Below is a list of online courses students can pursue:

  • Foreign Language Learning- (Duolingo)

  • Computer Science (

  • Music Theory: Instruments and Theory (Yale University via Alison)

  • Great Artists and Their Works (Smart History via Alison)

  • Introduction to Growing Organic Food Sustainably (Grow it Yourself via Alison)

Internship Program

Internship program for students can turn to be a wonderous opportunity to add the extra badges of accomplishments in their profile. From internship programs students can take back practical lessons of their important classroom lessons. For high school students, most of the internship programs are remote based which makes it even more convenient for them to get enrolled. However, for extra curious students a summer or winter internship program are also great options if they want an office-based internship. Some of the e-portals to find gigs are listed below:

  • InternShala

  • InternWorld

  • LetsIntern

  • Youth4Work

  • FreshersWorld

Getting Involved in Extra Co-Curricular Activities

School is where students learn the most crucial life lessons. In today’s world, the importance of co-curricular activities is tremendous. The best kind of personality and character growth happens in school. For students, it is advisable to expose themselves to multiple fields in school days and they would never find a reason to regret wearing multiple hats. It does not matter if you win or lose, what is important is you tried, and if you do not have a trophy to take back, you will have lessons that is equally substantial if not more.

Add Letter of Recommendation

An authority bagging your credibility can give a major boost to your student’s profile. It counts amongst all the other academic and extra co-curricular achievements. Your high-school teachers can give you letter of recommendation talking about your efficiency, skills, leadership, and act of compassion.

Take up SAT and ACT

Tests like SAT and ACT can take the student’s profile to the next level. Especially for students who are planning to pursue their bachelor's degree from a prestigious international university, this step becomes significant. From enhancing skills to upgrading profile, it will further increase chances of grabbing the best from the list. If you are planning to take up SAT and ACT, training is advisable because you would be paying to appear for the exam. Thus, it is better to appear prepared rather than taking it casually. Genius Zen is a platform where students can train for such exams with the help of most efficient and experienced trainers who have lessons to teach from personal experience.

These were the five tips that students can take to build their profile and let a flood of opportunities cross their way. Now is when you can make the best out of time and opportunities leading to the most phenomenal growth and development.

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