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4 Emerging Careers for Arts Students

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Regarded as the most creative field, arts offer a flood of opportunities for students who want to outshine and build a stable, yet innovative career for themselves.

There is a quite common misconception that arts as a career do not offer high-paying jobs. The reality is that in the field of creativity, the right skills can end up with the most secure and well-paying jobs.

With all this kept into consideration, let us have a close look at five emerging careers in the Arts stream.

Futuristic Careers in Arts


A dynamic career that plays a key role in spreading awareness and educating citizens, the profile of a journalist requires skills like researching, writing, and editing. They are also investigators who highlight issues happening around the globe.

A few major roles and responsibilities of a journalist include magazines, newspapers, television, social media, books, radio, and many more. Besides these mainstream jobs, there are remote opportunities such as freelance writing, copywriting, public relations (PR) specialist, and other such roles.

Fashion Communication

Fashion is one of the most creative and fascinating work industries that attract a lot of people’s attention and interests. The industry is wide, and one can go for several other job fields like graphic designing, fashion blogger, jewelry designing, wardrobe stylist, and others.

Fashion designing can be pursued in undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate design courses.


Psychology is an interdisciplinary subject whose boundaries stretch to several other disciplines such as life science, social science, artificial intelligence, and others. Psychology is the study of human behavior from varied perspectives. It helps in understanding and learning human feelings, emotions, and reactions as per proven scientific methods.

The career scope is huge, and an aspirant can go on to become a clinical psychologist, sports psychologist, cognitive neuroscience, or forensic psychologist promising a bright future for the students of psychology.


Law is one of the studious subjects to study. With time and increasing popularity, it has become a high-in-demand career in the arts stream. There are many branches of law that include history, sociology, economics, and others. Additionally, one can also pursue civil/criminal, and corporate law.

Some famous and popular job profiles include criminal lawyer, judge, legal counselor in the corporate sector, and others.

What is Liberal Arts?

Liberal Arts is a concept where a student is liberated from the pedagogy of choosing a prevailing series of subjects. In liberal arts education, a student is free to choose subject combinations of their own like economics with psychology.

With the evolution of this concept, it has become extremely convenient for students to take up subjects that are specific to one’s interests.

If you wish to pursue one of the careers in the arts stream from an international platform, it’s time you think and works towards making it real. Huron University, Canada is one of the most trusted and renowned universities for liberal arts education. Famous courses include psychology, economics and so many more!

If you want to make your study abroad dream, come true, connect with the HSM Team, now!

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