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There are more than 250 million students who are teens and are undecided about their future. Today we have less than 1000 counselors available to provide services to such a huge number of students, who are looking forward to a global career path.

HSM School of Counseling

With an aim to reach out to the entire education community of students, parents, educators and counselors, HSM (High School Moms) has been in constant efforts to promote an education structure that well resonates with a system that is capable of bringing the best out of what is available and everything that can be achieved envisioning a prosperous future for a child. As a community that brings together the most integral aspects of the education system, we now want to ensure that every parent and educator can help their child in the truest manner.

HSM School of Counseling focusses on the fact that every parent and teacher should passes basic skills in order to provide solutions to student queries. We want that an Economics teacher should be aware of possible career options in Economics and a mother should be aware of the skillset of her child and vice versa. This can only be achieved once we join hands and ensure that every child has access to a counselor who will always be there!

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Where every parent and a teacher is a mentor within the family and school environment.

A premier counselor program designed to empower teachers, counselors and parents in carving the most suitable and conductive path for the child's success. Abhishek Gupta, founder HSM, believes that every child has a unique ability and goal and that the career path should be nutured with a vision to excel the distance between the child's dreams and reality. 

It is developed to enable everyone with the basic counseling skills required for creating a successful journey towards a brighter future. the aim of the program is to create awareness about the various aspects of career counseling through an understanding of personality factors and aptitude of the child which help them redesigning a career path for their students.

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Hosted by Asia’s leading career

counsellor - Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Imbibing Holistic curriculum for your institution

Certified 6-week program by ……

(accreditation if any)

Virtual Learning

Expanding opportunities for career growth

Developed by the Industry Stalwarts

Hands-on learning through real-life case studies, projects, assignments and practical exposure

Basics on Overseas education programs from top universities like Huron

Enhancing counselling skills for School counsellors

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Identifying different personality traits

Stream and Board selection

Application requirements in India


Profile Building & Solving case studies

Liberal Education – Overview

Liberal Education – Overview

Futuristic Careers (STEM and Non STEM)

Education in India & Abroad

OUAC for Canada

Common App – USA

21ST Century Skills/ Counselling Skills

Shortlisting Universities

Financial Planning for Education

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The Need to Enrol for the School of Counselling Certification Program?

  • Complete understanding of the student’s personality traits

  • Guidelines for University admission process.

  • In-Depth knowledge to build scholarship ready profiles.

  • Applying effective counselling skills while dealing with adolescents.

  • Understanding various stream options and further subject combinations.

  • Learning about new age careers and emerging domain of liberal education with information of various courses and career options in liberal arts.

  • Gaining knowledge about education systems around the world along with admission and application process.

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