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India's Most Exclusive Profile Building Activity
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“Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced. Even a proverb is not a proverb to you until your life has illustrated it.” John Keats
COVID-19 has severely impacted various aspects of everyone’s life resulting in psychological, emotional, physical, and more issues. The transition from in-person to virtual has been a challenge with tremendous loss of opportunities for school students. To provide students opportunities to engage and participate in activities which can enhance their analytical and critical skills, High School Moms launched India’s most selective High School Student Internship series in 2021.

After the huge success of Business and Entrepreneurship Internship and Psychology & Mental Health Internship, High School Moms & International Alliance of Counsellors and Educators are back with an amazing profile building opportunity for high school students – an internship in Global Economics & Political.

Global Economics & Political is open to high school students across the country from any educational board and background. Following a structured program, the internship will help students understand aspects of global politics and how economics plays a vital role in the world. It will also aid them in creating research-based analysis and developing oratory skills.


Understand the structures, hierarchies, and power dynamics that regulate finance and trade, drive globalisation and economic nationalisms, and impact the distribution of wealth and poverty across and within states, regions, and the world.

  • Build critical thinking skills

  • Develop research skills

  • Develop oratory skills

  • Attend tutorials by university professors from across the globe

  • Profile building opportunity to enhance your CV 

During the internship, faculty from world's leading universities will engage and support development of Global Economics & Political acumen for selected high school students.


1.    Essay submission

2.    Faculty sessions

3.    Research-based analysis

4.    Group discussion

5.    Explanation speech

6.    Award ceremony

Award & Certificates

Top 250

Certificate of participation to top 250 after successful completion and attendance in all sessions.

Top 40

Certificate of merit to top 40 after successful completion and attendance in all sessions.

Top 10

Certificate of excellence to top 10 after successful completion and attendance in all sessions.

Top 3

Winning certificates to top 3 and awards from Universities & High School Moms

Award Winner
Schedules to be announced soon. Stay updated!
Our Previous Internships

Business & Entrepreneurship

•    Applications: 2700+
•    Final Cohort: 1000+
•    Round 1: 365
•    Round 2: 20
•    Round 3: 10
•    Winners: 3


Psychology & Mental Health

•    Applications: 2000+
•    Final Cohort: 700+
•    Round 1: 402
•    Round 2: 40
•    Round 3: 10
•    Winners: 3


We are proud to collaborate with schools from across the country that align with our vision to empower high school students.
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