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About HSM School of Counselling

With an aim to reach out to the entire education community that includes students, parents, educators and counsellors, HSM (High school Moms) has been in constant efforts to promote an education structure  that well resonates with a system that is capable of bringing the best out of what is available and everything that can be achieved envisioning a prosperous future.

As a community that brings together the most integral aspects of the education system- the students, the parents and the educators, we now want to ensure that every parent and educator can help their child in the truest manner. 

At times, we as adults or experienced individuals know what is the righteous thing to do, but as parents, we should know what is actually right for our kids and what all things can be possibly done to simplify their decision that is nestled on the matter of their interests.

Hence, HSM School of Counselling will help parents learn how to reciprocate the needs of their child most effectively.

Highlights of Coffee with HSM

Exclusive session for parents and students


Q n A with leading universities

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Leading universities around the world


Higher education opportunities

Coffee with HSM promises to deliver a high-powered interactive session with leading universities where parents and students can directly have all of their questions answered regarding various aspects of higher education and careers.
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