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Who We Are

High School Moms is Asia's leading parent community which empowers parents to guide their children in choosing a rewarding and fulfilling career. Through open ideas, storytelling, and meaningful connection, the HSM revolution comes to life. High School Moms promotes learning from each other, informing, engaging, and inspiring parents and children for a better future. Presently we are a community with a reach to over 10 million parents and students, 3000+ educators, school counsellors, school principals, and 300+ universities. 


With an aim to reach out to the entire education community which includes students,

parents, educators and counsellors, HSM (High school Moms) has been in constant efforts

to promote an education structure that well resonates with a system that is capable of

bringing the best out of what is available and everything that can be achieved envisioning a

prosperous future for a student. As a community that brings together the most integral aspects of the education system, we now want to ensure that every parent and educator can help their th in the truest manner.


We live in a broken education system – one that hasn’t changed in over 100 years. For years, we’ve been told that the only way to get ahead is to excel at education, rather than excel at grades, scores, and exams. There was a time when 80% was great, now it seems even 95% doesn’t get you anywhere.


To discuss this, we got together with a group of like-minded moms to create a better tomorrow for their children. Through innumerable coffees and lunches not only did we realise that hundreds of thousands of moms are in the same boat but also came up with an idea to create a platform to empower moms of high school students. This gave birth to High School Moms, a community of parents with the aim of promoting knowledge and welfare for moms of teenagers.

Our Mission

‘Equipping young minds with the skills of life while CAARVEing (Collaborate to Acquire Authentic, Real & Reliable information with a Vision to Excel) the distance between their dreams and reality; be instrumental in the relentless search in bringing together like-minded moms as the future architects of impressionable young minds. We believe they can do it; we believe they deserve it; we believe they will get it.’  

Our Vision


To come together as a community of like-minded mothers/parents, school leaders, educators, students & counsellors and partner with each other to build a life-long learning community, where each is encouraged to realise their highest potential and be the best they can be, in an environment diverse, connected and whole, that inspires everyone to learn collaboratively with and from each other and the world around, taking active, responsible and joyous ownership of their lives and legacies, facing challenges with imagination and integrity, and pursuing excellence with passion, purpose and persistence.

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